Carbonated Keg Cocktail Delivery and "TONYC" Tonic Syrups. 


Reverie Cocktails is a draft craft cocktail business located out of Southern Pines, NC that specializes in the delivery of  prepared to order kegs of small-batch carbonated cocktails for your home and business. Everything from Moscow Mules (made with our delicious and spicy homemade organic ginger beer), to our seasonal Gin & TONYCs are available. We also love collaborating with our clients to create the perfect carbonated beverage for you and your guests.




Tony Cross has worked in the restaurant business since 2003 and has been everywhere from washing dishes to managing a cocktail/wine program.


He founded Reverie Cocktails in 2016 after the best inspirational speech from his younger brother and realizing the potential to bring good libations to the people. His company, named after his brother’s only daughter, Reverie, is the first in the nation to deliver kegs of carbonated beverages to everywhere from your home, to sports bars, restaurants and country clubs.